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GuardMagic DTS2-12
Digital Temperature Sensor with 1-wire communication interface



 GuardMagic DTS2-12 is a special digital temperature sensor with 1-wire communication interface.
 GuardMagic DTS2-12 is designed to measure air temperature with high accuracy.
 GuardMagic DTS2-12 allow carry out indoor and outdoor temperature monitoring.
 Digital Temperature Sensor GuardMagic DTS2 is intended for use (construction) in temperature monitoring and temperature control systems (transport and stationary).
main data:
Main Power:
  • GND minus
  • 12V
Power Voltage:
  • 9...16V
Measuring temperature:
  •  -40... +80 Celsius
Accuracy of Temperature Measuring:
  • +/- 0,5 C (-10...+85)
Measuring Element
  • DS18S20
Communication Interface:
  •  1-wire
Power Consumption
  • 5mA
Serial Code:
  • 64 bits
Operation Condition:
  • indoor and outdoor
Operation Mode:
  • continuous
Operation Pressure:
  • atmospheric
Operation Condition:
  • indoor and outdoor
Enclosure Material:
  • plastic
Dimension without Cables:
  • 67,8x36,2x21,0 mm
Operation Temperature:
  • -40...+80
  • GuardMagic DTS2 utilize “Maxim-Dallas” 1-wire communication interface, that’s allow to have some GuardMagic DTS2 temperature sensors in one communication bus.
  • GuardMagic DTS2 sensor can locate up to 30 … 100 meters far from the main monitoring unit (head unit).
  • GuardMagic DTS2 powered by external power source.
  • At first GuardMagic DTS2 temperature sensor is designed to works in GuardMagic monitoring systems based on GuardMagic VB, GuardMagic FSM and GuardMagic mTF series modules.

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